Fliteboard has updated the line of "flying boards" for fans of water extreme

Since 2018, when the American company Fliteboard released the first version of electric flying hydrofoils, it has firmly established itself in this rapidly growing market segment. In less than three years, the volume of sales of boards is measured in thousands, and next in line is the second generation of the device.

The updated Fliteboard range features four models in a new color scheme, combined with several technical innovations that make flying over the waves even more exciting.

All models are equipped with a more durable power supply located inside the board under a carbon fiber cover. A built-in LED matrix indicates battery power and Bluetooth connectivity. A hand-held remote control acts as a control body.

The company proposes to start acquaintance with "flying" boards with the Fliteboard Air model - an inflatable model with high buoyancy, stability, which is very important for novice riders. The next model is Standard, the company's leader in sales. Its features are small size and higher maneuverability on the water.

Fliteboard Pro is designed for water sports experience users who feel free in open water. The model has an elongated strut, which will make it possible to make tighter turns.

The undisputed leader in performance is Fliteboard Ultra, which will be appreciated by extreme enthusiasts. It is the smallest board in the range at just 127 cm. It comes with extra leg straps for aerobatics.

All models can be purchased from Fliteboard starting at $ 12, 995.