New presidential helicopter: several special helicopters purchased for Joe Biden

The United States Navy (USN) has placed an order for five new VH-92 helicopters for new President Joe Biden. All of them will bear the same name, inherited from their predecessor, the outdated VH-3 Sea King - "Marine One", thereby emphasizing the status of the first person in the state.

According to Seapower, the helicopter fleet renewal will cost $ 478.6 million. USN already has four prototypes at its disposal. In total, the Pentagon has planned the acquisition of 23 VH-92s.

Helicopters serving the President provide flights to Camp David, Andrews Air Force Base and other locations around Washington. VH-92 also accompanies the head of the White House on trips to other countries, where he is airlifted by the Air Force C-17 Globemaster III.

The presidential VH-92 is equipped with everything you need, both in terms of comfort and technical aspects. The exact set of equipment is kept secret. From what is known, there is an airborne missile defense system installed there to destroy surface-to-air missiles, a toilet, comfortable furniture and a secure communications system.

Helicopter No. 1 is protected from the effects of an electromagnetic pulse in a nuclear explosion. In emergencies, a supply of fuel allows him to evacuate the president to a safe, secret hideout.

In total, the Pentagon intends to purchase 23 VH-92A for the amount of 4.95 billion dollars, which, by the way, is more than the entire military budget of Belgium. The leadership of the US military department expects that the new helicopters will last no less than the outdated ones, which will save money on the development of next generation helicopters until 2064.