The secret behind this tiny $ 5,000 e-bike is die-cast aluminum frame

The process of transferring transport to electric traction is rapidly gaining momentum, and along with electric vehicles, electric motorcycles are increasingly common on the streets.

This can probably be attributed to "growth problems", but electric transport is still more expensive than usual, even despite the constant improvement of its production technologies. Case in point: the electric version of the legendary Harley Davidson - LiveWire. Today it costs as much as the Nissan Leaf, which is roughly $ 30, 000. In contrast, the Metacycle electric bike from the American company SONDORS costs only $ 5, 000.

As the founder of the company, Storm Sondors, admits, the main problem in creating an electric bike was not the battery, not the engine or the controller, but a solid frame. Once it was solved, everything else went like clockwork. Instead of the traditional welded tube frame, a cast aluminum frame has been developed that is much cheaper and easier to manufacture.

The motorcycle is equipped with a permanent magnet electric hub motor with a rated power of 10.7 hp. from. (8 kW) and maximum - 19 liters. from. (14.5 kW). The car weighs 91 kg and can accelerate to 137 km / h. The power source is a 4 kWh lithium-ion battery providing 130 kilometers of mileage.

Since the final price of Metacycle is only $ 5, 000, its future owners shouldn't count on a lot of bells and whistles. There will be no fast charging and no internet connection, although there is a place for a smartphone on the e-bike, which allows you to use the gadget for navigation. The start of serial production is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2021.