The Dutch Navy has created a virtual tour of the insides of the secret submarine "Walrus"

Submarines are one of the most secret objects of any army in the world. Nevertheless, the Royal Netherlands Navy provided the opportunity to get acquainted with the structure of the Walrus class submarine in virtual reality. It is noteworthy that the video tour was created using a quadcopter, which made a virtuoso flight in the cramped rooms of the submarine.

Diesel-electric submarines of the "Walrus" class are small: length - 67.6 m, width - 8.5 m, crew of 55 people. Submarines of this class are considered among the most effective of NATO's non-nuclear submarines, and are often used for intelligence gathering.

The video shows some of the most secret compartments of the submarine. One of them is a 533-mm torpedo tube with ammunition load of 20 American general-purpose torpedoes Mk.48 and Sub-Harpoon anti-ship missiles.

In the video presented, the ammunition storage racks are empty, since at this moment the boat is in port - however, this does not prevent the operator from showing a close-up of the hatches leading to the torpedo tubes.

The following excursion objects are a combat information center with a periscope, a galley and engineering bays. Walrus class submarines were developed about 30 years ago, which does not diminish their merits.

The submarine is quite cramped, which is especially clearly visible in the engineering compartment. In such conditions, claustrophobes are better off looking for another place to serve.