American supersonic fighter F-11 Tiger once shot down itself

This unusual incident occurred on September 21, 1956, during the tests of the new Grumman F-11 Tiger fighter in the state of New York. The test pilot fired a short four-second burst of 20-mm automatic cannons and literally in a few moments the cockpit windshield shattered and the engine went out of order. As it turned out later, the incredible happened - the pilot shot down himself.

The F-11 Tiger became the second supersonic fighter in the United States Air Force to accelerate to Mach 1.1. At the first moment, the pilot decided that he had crashed into a flock of birds, but the investigation established another reason for the crash: in the process of a sharp decrease and increase in speed, he "caught up" with the 20-mm shells he had just fired, which, on the contrary, began to slow down due to the increasing resistance air.

Fortunately, the pilot then survived, although he was seriously injured. At the end of the tests, the Navy purchased 200 F-11 Tigers, which were later replaced by the more modern F-8 Crusader and F-4 Phantom II, and the Navy's flight demonstration group "Blue Angels" flew the F-11 Tiger until 1969.