NewRocket start-up creates a rocket engine that runs on gel fuel

PowerGel engine

Israeli startup NewRocket has developed a low-cost, environmentally friendly next-generation rocket engine powered by PowerGel.

According to Ilan Harel, CEO of the company, the company's engines are suitable for space and defense purposes - for use in spacecraft of any size, "wherever there is a rocket engine." He also said that PowerGel contains ordinary aviation kerosene, which, after adding special additives, turns into a gel. Then it is mixed with other substances, as a result, the gel becomes a full-fledged hypergolic fuel. It must be mixed with an oxidizing agent to ignite.

PowerGel Fuel Gel

The company is currently looking for investors willing to invest several million dollars in the project. The first contribution of $ 1 million has already been made by the British company Consensus Business Group (CBG).

With the gradual transition of the space industry from the state into the hands of private companies, the number of launched satellites and other vehicles is growing, which spurs competition between participants in the ever-growing market for space services. This, in turn, encourages aerospace companies to develop more cost-effective and environmentally friendly technologies - in particular, to create new types of fuel.

Speaking about the benefits of PowerGel, Ilan Harel stressed: “Our fuel is controllable, safe to store and non-toxic, which allows us to work with it for a long time.”