Ducati and Lamborghini jointly create the elite Diavel 1260 bike

The first fruit of the joint efforts of two famous Italian brands - automobile Lamborghini and motorcycle giant Ducati - is the 800-horsepower hybrid supercar Sian FKP 37, presented in 2019.

A total of 63 cars were produced, which symbolically indicated the founding year of the manufacturer of elite supercars - 1963. All of them, as expected, sold like hot cakes even before the premiere, at a price of $ 2 million each.

The cooperation continued with the release of the Ducati Diavel 1260 superbike. It is equipped with a 1.3-liter engine with a capacity of 162 hp. from. and 129 Nm of torque, Brembo brakes, adjustable Ohlins dampers and a full complement of electronic components.

The designers of both companies took care of the visual color consistency of the motorcycle and the car - first of all, it affected the wheels. Centro Stile Lamborghini offered the Diavel 1260 the same color as the Sian, Gea Green with the addition of Electrum Gold on the rims and grill frame.

Ducati replaced virtually all of the plastic parts with carbon fiber counterparts, including the air intakes, center tank cover, mud flaps, seat, headlight socket and engine spoiler, reducing weight, albeit by a nominal kilogram, compared to the previous model, the Diavel 1260S.

It is already known that 630 motorcycles will be produced. Delivery time and price have not been disclosed yet. The manufacturer recommends that you contact your local dealer for these questions.