Kawasaki is actively developing an unusual high-speed helicopter K-Racer

The Japanese company Kawasaki is known all over the world for its powerful motorcycles, but few people know that of the 15 billion dollars the company earned last year, only 3.2 billion are in the production of motorcycles and engines, and as much as 5 billion - for the production of aerospace systems.

Operating in the sector, Kawasaki produces a small line of helicopters, both military and civilian, as well as turbojet engines for Airbus and Boeing.

One of the interesting novelties of the company is the unmanned three-engine K-Racer helicopter. The upper 4-meter main rotor is almost no different from a conventional helicopter rotor, the blades of which can change the angle of inclination depending on the flight mode.

The K-Racer feature is the absence of a tail rotor, whose functions - yaw control and torque balancing - are performed by two horizontal motors at the ends of short wings. They also allow the helicopter to fly horizontally at a speed higher than that of many conventional helicopters.

At the moment, the K-Racer is a prototype demonstrating the possibilities of new technologies. During the tests, the car showed stability in control, which will be taken into account in the future when creating vehicles with vertical take-off and landing.