40% of electric scooter users are injured during their first ride

As a result of a study initiated by the Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS, USA), it was found that the majority of injuries to electric scooter users are on the sidewalks. As the main problematic objects, they indicate the unevenness of the roadway, pits ... and signs.

The IIHS interviewed 104 electric scooter owners who sought medical attention at the University of Washington clinic in the course of eight months last year. It turned out that 59% of them were injured while driving on the sidewalk, and 39% got them during the very first exit. Only 13% were victims of car accidents.

On Tuesday, the District of Columbia Council in Washington finally approved a bill establishing new rules and restrictions for companies that rent electric scooters and other electrical transportation devices.

In particular, the bill provides for the requirement to fix these devices on special racks or other structures, as well as to charge a fine of $ 150 for drunk driving.

The user should be able to contact the company's hotline with complaints and have free access to virtual lessons on safe driving. There should be a ban on the use of scooters in the 100-meter zone around primary and secondary schools or children's health centers, if they are not located near the metro station.

In some cities, in particular in Denver and San Antonio, riding scooters on sidewalks is completely prohibited, and in some, scooter tracks are separated by curbs.

With the onset of the pandemic, in general, the demand for electric scooter rental has dropped somewhat, while there has been a surge in interest from those looking for ways to move around the city with respect to social distance.