NASA introduced a rover-transformer to explore the most inaccessible areas of Mars

NASA has just unveiled the DuAxel, a four-wheeled transformer rover that can split into two independent two-wheeled vehicles if needed. In the future, he will travel to Mars, where he will survey the most difficult natural landscapes.

This scheme has a number of serious advantages over traditional six-wheeled rovers. For example, if you need to inspect a problem area, then one half of the rover-transformer remains in place, and the other, having separated, continues the route on its own, while both halves remain connected with a special safety wire.

Its main function is to prevent the separated half from overturning when going down a steep slope. After completing the mission, it returns to the starting point with the help of the cable and connects to the first half.

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has already tested such a scenario in the Mojave Desert, where the rover has proven to be effective. The four-wheeled mode provided the rover with the ability to travel long distances, and the two-wheeled one - to explore complex geographic objects.