An abandoned American spy drone found on one of the Scottish islands

Visitors to the beach on the Scottish island of Tyree recently discovered a mysterious surfboard-like object, which was immediately reported to the local coast guard. Later it turned out that this is an American marine drone Wave Rider stuck among the coastal stones. Until now, nothing is known about who launched it and why, and how he ended up in these places.

According to the publication Maritime Executive, the drone was initially tied to the parking lot so that it would not be carried back to sea. Forbes clarified that the drone was then moved to the house of a local resident, as it attracted the general attention of the inhabitants of the island of Tyri.

Experts later determined that it was an American-made robotic glider designed for autonomous deployment thousands of miles offshore. The drone is capable of carrying a small payload.

The Wave Rider is easily recognizable by the bow handle, three solar panels on top of the deck, and three short antennas for likely satellite communications, telemetry and GPS connectivity.