EZRaider-HD4 is a powerful off-road ATV for extreme sportsmen

The Israeli company DSRaider, specializing in the development of personal off-road vehicles, has presented an unusual hybrid of an electric scooter and an EZRaider-HD4 ATV. It has the cross-country ability of an SUV, but at the same time resembles a four-wheeled segway.

The EZRaider-HD4 is equipped with four engines (one on each wheel) with a total capacity of 24 hp. from. Its top speed is 45 km / h, and a 60-volt 3 kWh lithium battery provides a range of 75 km.

The wheels, "shod" with voluminous all-terrain tires, complement the patented floating suspension with six travel axles, a travel length of 50 cm and a ground clearance of 24.4 cm. The EZRaider-HD4 weighs 113 kg, it is capable of carrying loads up to 200 kg and towing an additional trailer.

The steering rack provides control of the front wheels, it also has a throttle grip and independent brakes on the front and rear wheels. The dimensions of the quad scooter when folded are 170 x 74 x 75 cm.

The EZRaider-HD4 is primarily intended for the military, police and emergency services, as well as just for extreme cross-country driving enthusiasts. The mini SUV starts at $ 19, 200, while the LW is much cheaper at $ 8, 500.