Engineers have developed a working and creepy dangerous hoverboard

Engineers from the popular YouTube channel Hacksmith Industries have created a working hoverboard that levitates above the surface using magnets.

True, this is still not the same hoverboard that we saw in Back to the Future, since it can only hover over a sheet of steel, and even then, subject to fire safety measures.

Hacksmith Industries have already earned a reputation for creating an enchanting working cybertrack and even a functioning plasma sword that can cut through metal.

The hoverboard was developed by Canadian student-trainee Jimmy Zhou. He spent several months on the realization of his idea. To keep the board floating in the air, Zhou's team installed eight rotating magnets that could cause a steel surface to generate a magnetic field that "repels" the hoverboard.

However, during the tests, the hoverboard showed a serious drawback: electric currents initiate a strong heating of the device, which led to its fire several times.