Third millennium cargo sailing ship to be built in Sweden

The more intermediate stages in the application of wind power, such as wind turbines, batteries, transmission lines, etc., the greater the losses and the more expensive the final energy - for example, for vehicles. This is wrong, very costly and dangerous for the environment, so in Sweden it was proposed to return to the classic scheme, when the wind blows directly into the sail and sets the ship in motion. Only now the sails and the transport vessel are of a completely new type.

The pandemic and problems in the economies of many countries forced to rethink the international logistics system. It is no longer necessary to deliver many goods as quickly as possible, purchasing power is low, sales rates are low, warehouses are overflowing with illiquid goods. In such conditions, it is more profitable to rely on the cheapness and safety of sea transportation, rather than speed. A car carrier, which previously crossed the Atlantic in 7 days, can now run for 12 days or more, which is quite acceptable under the new conditions.

A consortium of the Royal Institute of Technology, maritime consulting company SSPA and design bureau Wallenius Marine has developed a project for a transport ship to sail. He also has conventional engines for maneuvering in the harbor, but the ship makes its main path, catching the wind with wing sails 80 m long and 30 m wide. They have turning mechanisms to use the wind from any direction.

The length of the vessel is 200 m, width is 40 m, it takes on board 7, 000 vehicles. The height, including sails, exceeds 100 m, so you will have to plot a course so as not to intersect with bridges. The entrance to many ports for such a giant will be closed, but it practically does not consume fuel and does not create emissions into the atmosphere. The first ship of the new type is planned to be sent on a commercial voyage already in 2024.