The only surviving fighter P-82 Twin Mustang is up for sale

During the years of World War II, 250 unusual P-82 Mustang twin fighters were produced in the United States. Until today, the only one that has recently been put up for sale at a record price of $ 12 million has survived.

After joining World War II, the US Air Force began regularly bombing German military targets, using B-17G bombers for this, and later B-29 Superfortress. The latter had an impressive flight range and needed fighters to accompany it.

For all its indisputable merits at that time, the standard US P-51 Mustang fighters had one problem: while escorting strategic bombers, being in the air for a long time, the pilots were very tired. The designers found a very original solution to this problem, in fact, combining two P-51 into one two-seat vehicle, called the P-82 Twin Mustang.

The new fighter was equipped with two engines, two cockpits and was operated by a crew of two pilots. Thus, the problem of fatigue was removed, since they could fly in turns (the control system was completely duplicated). In a later version, a radar system was installed in the second cockpit.

The only operating P-82 Twin Mustang for sale (serial no. 4483887) is equipped with two Packard 1650 engines and new propellers. It took 10 years and 200 thousand man-hours to restore and restore it.