SmartSaddle Set to Revolutionize Bicycles

Startup SmartSaddle offers an alternative vision of how a person should sit on a bicycle. The classic version, with a longitudinal saddle, is obviously out of date and literally rubbed calluses where they should not be. The new SmartSaddle aims to fix this.

The idea of ​​the authors of the development is to maximize the transfer of support to strong and rigid ischial bones. To do this, they propose to unfold the seat and make it transverse, radically changing the points and area of ​​contact between the saddle and the body.

The previous version of the alternative saddle was plastic with foam inserts, while the new one is built from carbon fiber and polymers to reduce weight and add strength. The saddle fits on all types of bicycles and is recommended for overweight and oversized people. Estimated post-retail price of $ 175.