The US Navy has a ship built in the Soviet Union

As reported by Forbes, a ship with an unusual fate, USNS Lance Cpl, is part of the US Naval Shipping Command (MSC). Roy M. Wheat, designed to carry cargo for the Marine Corps.

The fact is that three decades ago it had a completely different name - "Vladimir Vaslyaev" and belonged to the largest in the USSR Black Sea Shipping Company. It was built in Nikolaev in the then Ukrainian SSR at the Black Sea Shipyard - in the same place as the only Russian aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov.

After the collapse of the USSR, the authorities of the already independent Ukraine sold a unique cargo ship as unnecessary at the end of 1991, which, after modernization, joined the ranks of the MSC. Its ships perform various support functions, including refueling, resupplying warships at sea, oceanographic surveys, submarine maintenance, and rocket tests.

The interest of the command of the Navy in the former Soviet container ship was far from accidental. Its length is 263 meters. With a displacement of 15 804 tons and a usable area of ​​over 30 480 sq. meters, he could carry up to 35, 000 tons of various cargo. Since joining the MSC in 2003, it has been used as a 500-bed floating hospital, an expeditionary airfield, and for the delivery of ammunition and other materials.