The world's first passenger drone showed aerobatics

German company Drone Champions AG has created a full-size carbon fiber drone with 12 coaxial propellers in order to promote its video game Drone Champions League. Its main features are the ability to carry one passenger and perform aerobatics. The aircraft is remotely controlled from the ground.

Recently, flight tests took place at the airfield in the Croatian city of Vrsar, during which a dummy was in the passenger seat. The flight took place at a low altitude of several tens of meters. In the air, the drone performed a series of aerobatics, including a roll and a longitudinal roll. The developers also carried out a flight with a passenger about a meter off the surface. It was the founder of Drone Champions Herbert Weirater himself.

To date, Drone Champions AG has created only two prototypes - one weighing 200 kg and the second, much lighter, designed to fly with a passenger. There is no exact data on the technical characteristics of the drones yet.