Colorado Launches World's Largest Fireworks Show - and Filmed It

During the annual winter festival in the American city of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a unique fireworks display was launched: the weight of its charge, which went off at an altitude of 670 meters, was 1270 kg, illuminating the entire neighborhood with bright light. This event has already entered the Guinness Book of Records, as it surpassed the previous similar record set in the UAE in January 2018 - 1088 kg.

According to the Evening Standard, the world record was made possible thanks to the efforts of a team of pyrotechnics led by Tim Borden. For the first time they tried to set a world record on February 10 last year, however, then a charge weighing 1134 kg exploded inside the launcher.

Guinness Book of Records spokeswoman Christina Conlon has confirmed that the record has taken place. When presented with the appropriate certificate, she commended Tim Borden's team for the perseverance in achieving their goal, despite the initial failure.