Samsung develops AirDresser personal dry cleaning cabinet for wealthy clients

Samsung introduced the AirDress dry cleaning cabinet at IFA 2019. The wardrobe is intended for wealthy homeowners (its price is $ 1, 400) and has a number of specific functions for tidying up clothes - cleaning from dust, hygienic steam cleaning, smoothing out wrinkles and eliminating unpleasant odors.

One of the functions - Jet Steam - provides hygienic cleaning of fabrics with powerful streams of steam, which destroy bacteria, remove stubborn dust and eliminate harmful substances.

The Wrinkle Care System, thanks to the combination of steam and air, eliminates up to 100% of wrinkles on woolen garments and up to 80% on viscose fabrics.

Heatpump Drying technology is used for gentle low-temperature drying of clothes without deformation or damage. In addition, the steam cabinet contains a deodorizing filter, which is responsible for eliminating unpleasant odors and restoring the freshness of clothes.

AirDress can be integrated into the SmartThings smart home platform controlled by a smartphone app. Home dry cleaning sales in Russia started on January 9, 2020. A preliminary order for the purchase of new items can be made on the Samsung website - personal dry cleaning will cost 134, 990 rubles.