How American SEALs infiltrate enemy territory

The elite US commando unit, the Navy Seals, uses the Gator Mark 8 mini-submarines to infiltrate enemy territory. They are named after the retired "cat" and engineer James "Gator" Parks, the initiator of the development of means of delivering special forces to the landing site - SDV (Seal Delivery Vehicle).

The naval variant of penetration into enemy territory is considered the safest in comparison, for example, with landing from aircraft.

SDV mini-submarines carry 6 to 8 commandos with equipment and weapons: two (pilot and navigator) are in the front, the rest are in the back. The submarine can carry 5 small "leech" magnetic mines to destroy ships. The interior space is extremely limited, the crew and special forces are in a sitting position and are wearing wetsuits.

The mini-submarine is propelled by an electric motor with one propeller. Depth change maneuvers are carried out using seaplanes and rudders. The Mark 8's low speed - about 6 knots - guarantees low noise, which allows it to avoid detection.

Mark 8 with commandos on board are launched from nuclear submarines in close proximity to the enemy coast. They are in service with the US and British navies. Introduced at the height of the Cold War in the 1980s, they are gradually being replaced by the more modern Mark 11.