China to complete its own GPS system in 2020

On Friday, it became known that the formation of the Chinese satellite navigation system Beidou-3 (analogous to the American GPS or Russian GLONASS) will be completed after the launch of the last two satellites in the first half of 2020.

Project manager Ran Chengqi told reporters that the core of the positioning system was completed this month. In total, the Beidou-3 constellation will include 24 satellites.

According to him, the system has "high performance indicators, includes new technological systems, high localization, wide network and covers a large number of users."

The entire Beidou-3 system will be completed by June 2020.

But the Chinese engineers are not planning to stop there. By 2035, the next fourth generation of the navigation system will be in operation, which will be even smarter and at the same time more accessible to connect.