Dragonfly hyper scooter pulls in speed with the car

D-Fly Group (London) has released a unique Dragonfly hyperscooter.

What makes it unique? In part - the materials from which it is made: carbon fiber, grade 7000 aluminum used in the aerospace industry and paulownia wood (Latin Paulownia or Adam's wood).

The Dragonfly is equipped with a dual-motor drivetrain capable of propelling the scooter to an enchanting 60 km / h, and an anti-slip system that gives each wheel 1800 watts. The rechargeable battery provides the electric scooter with a 45-kilometer run. The patented "Full-Tilt" steering technology, borrowed from the F-1, uses 3D tilt and steer controls on the B-pillar.

The 4.5-inch scooter display is ultra-high resolution and allows customers to access various applications and view their speed parameters or GPS directions after connecting to their smartphone via Bluetooth.

The base model, the three-wheeled version, will start at $ 5, 000, while the extended four-wheel model will start at $ 6, 000. The start of sales is scheduled for mid-2020.