FusionFlight develops JetQuad, the world's most powerful vertical takeoff jet drone

FusionFlight from Texas (USA) announced the creation of the smallest and most powerful jet drone in the world. The model has the index "AB5 JetQuad" and is capable of taking off vertically using the rotary nozzles of the engines. The reason for the creation of such a machine, its designers called the need to provide compact aircraft with more power than electric motors give out.

The advantages of reactive systems over electrical mass. First, there is a lot of power. Secondly, the ability to fly at high speeds. Third, refueling with diesel fuel takes only a few minutes versus at least one hour of charging in the case of lithium-ion batteries. In this case, liquid fuel contains 40 times more energy per unit mass of the fuel compartment.

The maximum load capacity of the AB5 is 18 kg with a dead weight of 23 kg and a fuel tank of 18 kg. This volume of fuel will be enough for 15 minutes of flight at a cruising speed of 480 km / h or for 30 minutes of hovering in the air. However, these are the parameters of the prototype - in the future, the designers want to install afterburners in order to increase the flight speed.

Of particular interest are diesel microturbine jet engines, each with a power of 149 kW. Their rotary nozzles are angled so that the jet is never directed straight down, even when flying vertically. Thanks to this, you can hang the cargo from below to the drone and it will remain intact.

The AB5 JetQuad is slated to enter the market in 2021. The cost of one copy will be $ 200-250 thousand, depending on the configuration.