U.S. Air Force is massively converting obsolete F-16s into drones

The F-16 fighter was adopted by the US Air Force in 1980. For 40 years, it has established itself as a versatile multifunctional and the most massive 4th generation fighter, which is in service with the air forces of 25 countries. As of June 2018, 4604 aircraft of this model have already been built in the world.

By decision of the US Air Force Command, since 2010, some of the decommissioned F-16s have been converted into drones, known today as the QF-16. According to Wired, 32 aircraft were removed from storage at Davis Monten Air Force Base this year, which were then modified using a Drone Peculiar Equipment kit developed by Boeing.

For reference: at the Davis-Monten US Air Force Base (Tucson, Arizona), in addition to the existing flight connections, the world's largest aircraft fleet is mothballed - over 4, 400 aircraft and 40 spaceships with a total value of $ 35 billion.

Thanks to Drone Peculiar Equipment, the F-16 can be turned into a UAV without any problems, in which an on-board computer performs the functions of a pilot. With its help, the QF-16 can take off, land and perform complex aerial maneuvers. They are mainly used as air targets when firing air-to-air missiles.

However, if installed on the drone software "Skyborg", it turns into an attack drone that can act as a slave in conjunction with manned F-22 or F-35.