Meet the new US Army robo-mule

The modern infantry soldier is literally loaded to capacity - the total weight of his equipment ranges from 25 to 50 kg. In addition to weapons and ammunition, he has to carry food, medicine, water, body armor, communications equipment, uniforms and much more, which negates his combat capabilities.

According to Defense News, the US Army has announced the purchase of 624 MUTT (Multi-Utility Tactical Transport) systems from General Dynamics. The contract price is $ 162.4 million. We are talking about unmanned transporters designed to transport soldiers' equipment. Equipped with a wireless referencing system, they dutifully follow the soldier, like beasts of burden. They can also be used as carrier platforms for flying drones.

MUTT is available in three versions - tracked, three- and four-axle. Its dimensions are 280 x 150 cm, carrying capacity 540 kg, power 3000 watts. Its gas-powered engine is capable of providing a range of 100 km on one tank.

In addition to the personal equipment of the fighters, MUTT can carry heavy support weapons - for example, M4 Carl Gustaf grenade launchers, Javelin anti-tank systems, spare shells and ammunition, as well as serve as an orderly, taking out the wounded from the battlefield. MUTT can conduct reconnaissance of the terrain, and when enemy soldiers appear in the presence of a remotely controlled weapon, it can open fire from an ambush.

The contract with General Dynamics is valid until 2024. Ultimately, the US Army may purchase up to 5, 700 transporters, according to Military Aerospace & Electronics.