Garmin Autoland system will land the plane in automatic mode

What about the passengers of a small plane if the pilot suddenly loses consciousness during the flight? It is for these and similar occasions that Garmin has developed the Garmin Autoland Automatic Landing System. In order to activate it, it is enough to press a special button on the dashboard.

After that, the system, taking into account weather factors, fuel level, surface nature and runway length, will determine the optimal place for landing and carry out the landing procedure. Garmin Autoland will alert the air traffic service of an emergency, which will ensure that the aircraft is on the ground and explain the situation to passengers.

The system can also be used by lone pilots. It will work if it detects that the pilot is incapacitated, and will shut down when the need for it is no longer necessary.

Developers are currently awaiting FAO approval from Garmin Autoland. In the meantime, it is available as part of the G3000 sensor integrated system on the Cirrus Vision Jet and Piper M600 aircraft.