Combat flying saucer built in China

At the recent China Helicopter Exposition, the PLA military together with the China Aviation Industry Corporation showed a mock-up of the future disc aircraft. The device received the sonorous name "Great White Shark" and unprepossessing appearance. According to unconfirmed data, a working model has already been built and is being tested.

As the official description suggests, the Great White Shark is a helicopter, but with a lot of innovative solutions. For example, it is built on the popular flying wing concept, but this is the first time a revolutionary propeller blade design is used. The disc is positioned as a machine with high flying qualities and is directly opposed to such industry leaders as the American AH-64 Apache, CH-53 Sea Stallion combat helicopters and the Russian Ka-52 and Mi-26.

Experts are skeptical about the new disc, but note that the Chinese aviators and engineers had more than half a century to solve the problems that the Americans did not cope with in their time. We are talking about the Avrocar project, which was closed in 1961. The discs turned out to be extremely difficult to control the machines that were lifted into the air - but nothing more. None of the declared characteristics were achieved, and the idea was simply forgotten.