New Atlantic superboat looks like a marine Bugatti

Designer Etienne Salomé, who previously had a hand in creating the most luxurious sports cars in the world, set out to master the water element. His latest brainchild, the Atlantic superboat, most closely resembles a racing car brought to the water surface. More specifically, the "most beautiful classic sports car of all time" Bugatti T57SC, which became the source of inspiration for the designer.

Atlantic is not an independent vessel, but a so-called tender, a flat-bottomed boat for moving guests from a yacht in the roadstead to the shore. But now with maximum comfort and speed that reaches 111 km / h. For this, the boat received a flow-through hull, which minimizes water resistance and increases stability when cornering. It is driven by two Volvo Penta engines with Volvo Duoprop propellers, with a total power of 880 hp.

The boat is 12 m long and carries 9 passengers who are housed inside the Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit System. Here they have an audio system, an on-board computer with autopilot function, a minibar and two SeaBob underwater tugs if someone wants to go diving. But scuba gear and other equipment must be brought with you, but for an additional fee, an automatic mooring system will be installed on the boat so that passengers can fully concentrate on their rest.

A total of 12 boats of this model will be built. The cost of each is 1, 600, 000 (one million six hundred thousand) euros, it will be possible to buy boats next year.