Skoda unveils Klement, a highly unusual e-bike concept

This week, at the annual international trade fair Eurobike 2019, Skoda will present an unusual concept model of an electric bike - Skoda Klement.

Conceived as a means of getting around the city, the Klement is a 4 kW (5.4 HP) electric bike capable of accelerating to 45 km / h. The working resource is provided by two lithium-ion batteries with a total capacity of 1.25 kWh, guaranteeing a power reserve of up to 60 km. The weight of the electric bike is 25 kg.

Unusual Klement - in the absence of traditional pedals, instead used footrests responsible for acceleration and deceleration. For acceleration, the cyclist needs to slightly turn the feet on the supports forward, and to stop - back. This is the responsibility of the regenerative braking system and the front disc brake with ABS.

There are no traditional levers on the Klement handlebars. The controls are represented by small buttons for turning on the lighting, giving sound signals and indicators. If the user needs a speedometer or information about the battery charge level, he can attach his smartphone to the frame.