Sony and Yamaha launch small drone to carry passengers

Sony and Yamaha Motor have been developing the Sociable Cart (SC-1) transport platform since 2016, and there is every chance that the first public versions will start working in Japan this year. They are not intended for sale and are unlikely to end up on public roads, the devices are designed for the entertainment sector. And they can hardly be called buses - rather, they are unmanned capsule shuttles with the function of transporting passengers.

The SC-1 is a small mobile platform with an electric propulsion system and unmanned vehicle control. Autonomous driving technologies are taken from Yamaha Motor, the car is oriented on the terrain using lidars, ultrasonic sensors and video surveillance cameras. Travel speed is limited to only 19 km / h, making the SC-1 virtually useless for long journeys.

Most likely, the SC-1 will be used in amusement parks and exhibition halls. This is indicated by the design of the electric vehicle, the outer part of the body of which consists of 55-inch 4K monitors. There are also screens inside, a little smaller, for displaying entertaining content and useful information. For example, to organize a trip around a theme park using augmented reality elements. Each electric vehicle can accommodate five passengers.