The WaveFlyer jet ski can literally fly over water

In 2015, work began in Australia on a new version of the jet ski - with an electric propulsion system. Another project grew out of this project - "WaveFlyer", called the world's first electro-hydrofoil hydrofoil.

The WaveFlyer concept is based on the double stroke principle. At rest and when maneuvering at low speeds, it behaves like a regular jet ski. But when accelerating, it rises above the water surface on two hydrofoils and then moves with minimal resistance of the medium.

WaveFlyer can carry two people on board, which it can carry for up to 30 minutes on a single charge of a 2 kW battery. There is still no data on the maximum speed and other driving characteristics, the device is still at the prototype stage. The developers believe that their creation will be a commercial success - the new jet ski is quiet, environmentally friendly, economical and at the same time fast enough.