Pentagon launches spy probes to mass surveillance of US citizens

The Pentagon has begun launching spy balloons to monitor citizens and vehicles throughout the United States.

The official rationale for this campaign is "to provide a permanent surveillance system to detect and deter drug trafficking and threats to internal security." In fact, we are talking about a large-scale state "supervision" of people without their knowledge and consent.

According to The Guardian, the observation experiment began in mid-July and will last until at least September. The balloons will be equipped with sensors that track every vehicle within a 40 km radius.

In the first phase, the group will have 25 solar-powered balloons, which will take control of several states, including Iowa and Missouri.

While the Pentagon advertises its balloons as an effective means of dealing with potential threats, some human rights groups, notably the American Civil Liberties Union, claim that the military department is flagrantly violating human rights.