DJI set out to revolutionize drone racing

Today's popular first-person drone control systems - FPV - transfer a rather mediocre quality to the operator's glasses. At the same time, the cameras of the DJI Phantom and Mavic series drones broadcast high-resolution images to their controllers. However, the systems used in them turned out to be too heavy and cumbersome to become part of racing drones.

The world's leading drone manufacturer DJI entered the race track fully armed - with the DJI digital FPV system, which includes a helmet, remote control and a 50-gram FPV Air Unit with a transmitter and camera.

DJI FPV system on a small racing drone

The digital stuffing provides pilots with HD 720p video at 120 frames per second with a latency of less than 28 ms. The drone itself records video in 1080/60 p.

The compact system supports up to eight frequency channels, which corresponds to the maximum number of participants in the race. The maximum signal transmission range is 4 km, with a control signal delay of no more than 7 ms.

According to experts, new technological solutions provide pilots with more complete control over drones when making turns and difficult maneuvers, and high-resolution online broadcasting. The DJI FPV is priced at $ 819 without controller and $ 929 with controller.