Take a ride in a tank "limousine" for only $ 2,000 per day

A group of British craftsmen created the TankLimo tank "limousine" by welding together two real armored personnel carriers. It has an exclusively peaceful purpose - to transport wealthy passengers who can pay $ 2, 000 a day for renting a once combat vehicle.

TankLimo is a hybrid of two armored personnel carriers of the British army FV432, an analogue of the American M113 armored personnel carrier. It was designed and produced from 1963 to 1980. In all respects, this is already an outdated machine, but sometimes it is still used as a means of supporting units behind the front line.

Tank Limo consists of two armored personnel carriers welded together, which made it possible for the developers to add "extra" 152 cm in length, thereby increasing the passenger compartment. Inside the car there are two sets of undercarriage combined into a single system.

The Tank Limo measures 670 x 243 cm. It is equipped with a 6-cylinder Rolls-Royce K60 engine with a capacity of 240 horsepower, connected to a TX-200-4A semi-automatic gearbox. The unit allows the tank "limousine" to accelerate to 56 km / h.

TankLimo is, of course, unarmed. The tower from the outdated FV101 Scorpion reconnaissance tank with a trimmed barrel and "empty" grenade launchers for smoke camouflage grenades reminds of the previous combat power.