The F-35 fighter is exposed to new problems

Recall that the cost of the program for the production of the American 5th generation F-35 fighter exceeds a trillion dollars. It is assumed that, being adopted by the US Navy and the Marine Corps, it will gradually replace the outdated types of aircraft.

However, it is no secret to anyone that in recent years such an ambitious and expensive program has been plagued by chronic setbacks. Thus, in the course of one of the latest investigations, the US Department of Defense identified "another batch" of previously unknown problems.

The popular publication Defense News reported on 13 previously unknown serious shortcomings of the fighter, including sudden changes in pressure in the cockpit, causing severe pain in the ears and sinus. Pilots of some versions of the F-35 are unable to fully control the pitch, roll and yaw of their vehicle.

Nonetheless, Lockheed Martin's vice president of engineering, Greg Ulmer, remains calm:

“Each of these problems is well understood, and it has either been resolved or is in the process of being resolved. We worked together with our customers, so we are fully confident in the effectiveness of the F-35 and solutions for each of the identified shortcomings. "