DJI's most advanced drone comes complete with truck and service team

DJI's newest and most advanced multicopter model has entered the market with no advertising and little to no publicity. There are reasons for that - this is not just a very expensive commercial device, but a professional mobile platform for cinematography. Trusting the management of such a system even to specialists is risky, and therefore the DJI Storm is not for sale, but only rented with a whole truck of additional equipment and a maintenance team in addition.

DJI Storm is a monster with eight propellers, carrying capacity up to 18.5 kg and maximum speed up to 80 km / h. He is able to overtake a car moving on the off-road and shoot it from different angles using a professional video camera Arri Alexa LF. There is no need to worry about the quality of the picture, because a suspension mechanism with a DJI Ronin 2 stabilizer is installed here. By the way, it alone costs $ 8, 000, not counting the Force Pro remote control system and other professional gadgets used within the DJI Studio service.

Therefore, the desire of DJI representatives to save an expensive and complex drone complete with other equipment is quite natural. Moreover, his lot is not to circle in the sky, but to shoot the most complex scenes, where every second and frame is important. In fact, the real flying qualities of the machine are adjusted before each work session, and the average performance is only 15 minutes of flight with a load of 12 kg.

The DJI Studio service did not appear yesterday, it is already well known among Asian film studios, and the emergence of a new multicopter model can be seen as a desire to expand the range of services for filmmakers. For the same reason, DJI representatives are in no hurry to bring the DJI Storm model to other markets - even the richest American model is still running only one copy.