The newest Japanese frigate will receive a conning tower straight from a science fiction movie

In 2022, the Japanese Navy will receive the 30FFM series frigate, equipped with one of the most powerful combat information centers in the world - "Advanced Integrated CIC". It features an array of video monitors, augmented reality hardware, and large tables with tactile feedback at the center for mission planning and other tasks.

According to the online edition Naval Today, the frigate 30FFM is inconspicuous, has a displacement of 5500 tons and a length of 132 meters. Its main purpose is submarine hunting. The frigate is armed with a 57-mm rapid-fire cannon, 16 launchers for anti-aircraft, anti-submarine and anti-ship missiles, two small automatic cannons and a high-precision SeaRAM system.

For safety reasons, the "Advanced Integrated CIC" at 30FFM is located deep below deck closer to the stern (on warships, the command post is usually located in the upper part of the deck superstructure - ed. Tekkult). There is a continuous flow of information from various systems of the ship, which ensures decision-making on ship control and conduct of hostilities.

The monitors are connected to a network of outdoor cameras that provide a long distance view of the CIC calculation in all directions. At the bottom of the screens are the degree lines of a huge compass, allowing crew members to observe objects of interest, while simultaneously determining them and their coordinates.

The walls display information about the movement of the ship, images of nearby objects and even a view of the ship's deck for security control. At night, the picture received from night vision devices is transmitted to the monitors.

In the center of the CIC, there are two large tables with built-in touchscreen monitors. Most likely, this is necessary for the joint study of digital navigation maps and other data for planning combat operations.

According to experts, the frigate 30FFM is superior in technical equipment to similar ships of the US Navy, including the infamous Zumwalt.