US Army purchases Black Hornet microdrones for infantry in large quantities

US ground forces will soon be equipped with Black Hornet microdrones, which are designed to monitor areas out of sight of soldiers. Infantry units up to the platoon will be armed with drones, which will allow them to identify enemy targets while remaining unnoticed.

The Black Hornet was developed on the basis of the UAV of the Norwegian company Prox Dynamics. It is a small, highly maneuverable drone about the size of a small bird. Later, Prox Dynamics was acquired by the American company FLIR Systems, which equipped the drones with night vision devices. After that, they began to "see" day and night, take video and photograph, being in flight for up to 25 minutes.

The US Army Command hopes that the Black Hornet will eventually become the "best friend of the Marines." Small and almost silent, it can suddenly appear and, quickly detecting an enemy, disappear. It will not be difficult for him to "look" into the windows of buildings, beyond the walls, to detect ambushes, traps and conduct reconnaissance.

According to available information, the Black Hornet kit includes a ground control system, consisting of a base station with a hand controller and display, and two drones for day and night missions. The display is the main focus of the soldiers' interaction with the system.

Under the terms of the contract with FLIR Systems, the army purchased a batch of Black Hornets worth $ 40 million. The first drones entered service with the paratroopers of the 3rd Brigade Combat Group of the 82nd Airborne Division.