The American company Hermeus is going to create the fastest aircraft in the world

The management of the aerospace company Hermeus (USA) announced plans to develop a new commercial supersonic airliner, which will reach speeds of up to Mach 5 (about 6100 km / h - ed. Techcult). If the project is successful, he will be able to fly from New York to Paris in just 1.5 hours.

In the near future, work will begin on a demo engine and other technologies needed to turn blueprints into hardware.

When creating a supersonic airliner, Hermeus will rely on existing technologies and materials, in particular, on the use of titanium. The jet plant will be based on a combined cycle turbine engine.

According to the company's COO Skyler Shaford, over the next five years, Hermeus intends to develop a demonstration model flying at Mach 5, and in 8-10 years to release the first production aircraft.