New B-21 stealth bomber to make its maiden flight in 2021

As the representative of the US Air Force command, Lieutenant General Arthur Bunch, told the American Congress, the new B-21 Raider strategic heavy stealth bomber will be ready to fly in 2021.

It will replace the outdated B-1B and B-2. The B-21 was created according to the "flying wing" scheme, which reminds of its predecessor, the B-2. The performance characteristics of the new bomber are classified. It is known that he is a carrier of nuclear and conventional weapons. Its main goals are objects on the territory of Russia and China, to which it will be able to fly with refueling. The crew will consist of two people.

The US Air Force plans to purchase at least 100 aircraft at a price of $ 550 million each. On the basis of the B-21, it is planned to create a whole series of strategic carriers of nuclear weapons.

In addition, it is noted that the B-21 will not replace the "immortal" Stratofortress B-52, created back in 1955. Its service life has been extended until the 2040s.