Voxan and Max Biaggi set new world speed record for electric bikes

When Voxan launched its first electric motorcycle, the Wattman in 2013, it immediately began to be positioned as the most powerful in the world. The status was lost very quickly, and for almost six years the brand did not create anything worthy of attention. But now, in 2019, Max Biaggi from MotoGP has come to his rescue - and with him new plans to conquer the speed record.

Voxan's main competitor will obviously be Lightning Motorcycles SB220. This electric motorcycle in the same 2013 accelerated to a speed of 327, 608 km / h. This means that the Biaggi team on the Uyuni salt marsh in Bolivia needs to squeeze at least 330 km / h out of the new car, but more is better. The task does not seem to be prohibitively difficult, because back in 2011, at the Bonneville Speed ​​Week event, another Lightning model, LS-218, took the bar at 351 km / h.

Six-time world motorcycle champion Max Biaggi

Voxan wants to set a speed record in a separate category, with a detailed description. It must be a motorcycle with an electric power plant that is propelled by one wheel on contact with the ground. It must be partially equipped with fairings and at the same time weigh less than 300 kg. Probably, all Lightning variations were either heavier or less streamlined, and therefore their records in this category do not matter.

The most interesting thing is that the Venturi company, which today owns Voxan, already has a model of the Buckeye Bullet electric motorcycle. It was built by Ohio State University students and in 2016 set an absolute speed record for this type of transport at 549.4 km / h. Was Voxan aiming to beat him too?

Voxan wattman