ADIFO Flying Saucer will revolutionize aeronautics

According to Romanian engineer and inventor Razvan Sabi, his versatile aircraft ADIFO is conceived to "change the paradigm of flight." Together with Iosif Taposu, former head of the theoretical aerodynamics department at the Romanian National Aviation Institute, he built a working prototype. This machine can fly both as a quadrocopter and as a supersonic fighter, but looks like a classic "flying saucer" from the comics.

Structurally, ADIFO is a "flying wing" type aircraft, only it is made in the form of a regular disc. Its diameter is 1, 2 m, the central massive part sharply tapers towards the edges to minimize air resistance. Formally, there is a front and a rear, where two main engines are installed for a quick acceleration. But in fact, ADIFO can move in any direction, rotate, hover in place and perform a wide range of maneuvers inherent in multicopters.

In addition to the four typical fans from the drone, ADIFO is equipped with four pairs of side nozzles that release jets of gas to create jet thrust. The technology is identical to that used on spacecraft and allows you to quickly and accurately displace the vehicle in space without using rudders, flaps and similar mechanisms. And when driving at transonic speeds, all openings are covered with flaps.

The prototype uses simple and cheap parts, and the control is deliberately limited so as not to get confused and not to destroy the device during a difficult maneuver. Therefore, it is not yet necessary to talk about the real flight qualities of ADIFO. Also, while Sabi discusses the potential for a manned version, it is difficult to imagine what the cockpit interface and pilot training would need to cope with a machine capable of almost instantaneous movement in any direction.