Jetpack Aviation Pre-Orders Speeder Jet Flying Motorcycles

Jetpack Aviation has made the knight's move by announcing the creation of a flying motorcycle - contrary to past promises, the first step is to create a flying car. The device, called the Speeder, is a single-seat motorcycle with four turbojet engines, the parameters of which fit into the category of heavy drones, which allows it to fly without a pilot's license. At the same time Speeder develops a speed of up to 240 km / h and can climb 4.5 km.

Proven engines powered by kerosene from jetpacks with a total thrust of more than 300 kg are installed here, which is enough to lift the glider itself weighing 105 kg, a pilot weighing up to 110 kg and a supply of fuel. Flight time is 10-22 minutes, depending on conditions. An important detail - the machine has a self-stabilization system and remains stable even in the event of a single engine failure. Because there are still no suitable parachutes or other effective security systems for this kind of transport.

The control of the speeder is identical to that of Jetpack Aviation's jetpacks, which presents users with a choice of limiting themselves to the ultralight version of the motorcycle or going to get a pilot's license to fly the more powerful version. However, this is a convention, because it is planned to build only 20 civilian models, and each will certainly receive an individual configuration. By the way, the cost of one Speeder is estimated at $ 380, 000, and for pre-order you need to pay at least $ 10, 000.

The main task of the project is to establish cooperation with the Pentagon and DARPA and get involved in the development of a military cargo-and-passenger version of a flying motorcycle. Options for the police and special services are possible, as well as robotic speeders, with remote or automatic control. They will receive additional turbines, fuel tanks, optional weapons and protection systems.