The Impossible US-1 drone passed its baptism of fire in the American special forces

Founded in 2016, Impossible Aerospace (USA) has developed an unusual drone with multiple batteries that allow it to stay aloft for up to two hours. A one and a half hour power reserve version of the US-1 quadrocopter recently proved its worth during a SWAT police operation in Campbell, California, a company spokesman said.

On February 8, at a local restaurant "Denny's", an unknown man suddenly began threatening an employee of the establishment with a pistol. Despite the fact that the police officers who arrived at the call had a sufficient number of weapons to neutralize the criminal, it was decided to detain him with the help of a special robot and distractions.

First, the US-1 drone was launched, which for 45 minutes flew around the restaurant building, broadcasting to the police a detailed "picture" of what was happening in real time.

To neutralize the criminal, the special forces used tear gas cylinders, which, as it turned out, did not fill the place in the room where the attacker was. The live video broadcast from the drone made it possible to establish the cause of the gas leak to the outside - the hole in the kitchen. After the commandos adjusted their tactics and "gave in" the gas, the offender was forced to surrender.