Electro-skate monster Pantera is capable of accelerating to 70 km / h

Bajaboard representatives say they have almost managed to realize their long-held dream - to put the most powerful equipment on the electric skateboard chassis and see what happens. So far, they have managed to reach a speed of 70 km / h - but this is only 70-80% of the power of the new Pantera skateboard.

The Pantera is equipped with four 3.5 kW electric motors, uses a 1.1 kWh battery and four 110 A motor controllers. Peak power is 8 kW or approximately 10.7 hp. The skateboard can accelerate to a hundred in 2.5 seconds and move at a speed of 70 km / h, and its maximum travel range on a single charge is 45 km.

Pantera may well give out a speed of 100 km / h - but it is unlikely that anyone will be able to stay on it. This requires special conditions, such as an airfield strip, etc. In addition, engineers are stopped by a simple consideration: such speed and power are not needed in real life, they are simply dangerous.

The official speed record for electrically powered skateboards belongs to the Slovenian monster from Nextboard at 95.83 km / h. Racer Misha Erban had to be dressed in the most reliable set of motorcycle protection and special shoes, so he was not injured. But a few high-priced copies of the skateboard were scrapped in the process of setting the record. The Bajaboard Pantera is priced at the cost of a high-end custom mountain bike, will be manufactured strictly to order and only for users with experience in operating similar machines.