Harley-Davidson is preparing a couple of extremely curious electric novelties

Motorcycle legend Harley-Davidson is increasingly embracing electrical technology. "First Swallow" - the LiveWire electric bike is almost ready for sale, and two more interesting models presented at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 - an electric scooter and an electric scooter - are waiting in line.

According to experts, the Harley electric scooter is somewhat similar to the Honda Ruckus scooter. It has a few interesting details, in particular, the elongated saddle, leg platforms and free space between the saddle and the battery pack. The company's electric moped is a cross between a motorcycle and a mountain bike.

The manufacturer has not yet provided the technical specifications of the concept models, but knowing about Harley-Davidson's determination to follow through, there is no doubt that the new devices will see the light of day sooner or later.

Also, it can be assumed that the prices for an electric scooter and an electric moped will be lower than for an electric bike, which is estimated at $ 30, 000 - but still higher than for counterparts from other manufacturers.