Lightweight foldable sail adds power to any bike

Software engineer Jorge Pando and mechanical engineer Nathan Rose have launched a startup to create CycleWing, a folding sail-style road bike accessory. This device performs exactly the same function as since ancient times: it catches the wind. To use its energy to propel the bike and minimize physical stress on the rider.

The key idea is to make the bike sail as compact and versatile as possible, for which its design is foldable by default. The canvas itself is made of carbon fiber, together with an aluminum frame, the product weighs just under 7 kg. The sail can be deployed manually to the operating position within a few minutes, and just as easily folded if the wind dies down.

A bicycle sail is useless and even interferes when driving in urban areas, this is a fact. The developers believe that the greatest benefit can be derived from it when driving across open spaces, such as the American prairies, the steppes of Central Asia or the Australian deserts. The sail frame is equipped with an electric motor, which is connected to the bicycle pedal drive, and can turn the panel in different directions. To do this, a pointer and control buttons are mounted on the handlebars of the bicycle - the rider only needs to "catch the wind" and slowly pedal to move forward.

The price of a CycleWing bike sail at the stage of fundraising for a startup is $ 500; when it goes into retail, it will be at least twice as expensive. The release date of the novelty on the market is still unknown.