Newtons Box Introduces Automatic Domestic Dog Toilet

Residents of rural areas are not aware of the problem, residents of the suburbs cope with it at the very least, but those living in the center of a metropolis are familiar with it firsthand. Where to take your pet? Fines for feces left in public places are severe, plus the modern rhythm of life and the owners themselves sometimes do not leave time for a walk. To solve these problems, the startup Newton's Box was created.

Its development is the Inubox universal home toilet for dogs. It is "smart" - it is not just a container of sand, but a smart device from the Internet of Things. For example, when activated, the system generates a special scent to attract a dog to relieve itself in this particular place. The pallet is equipped with sensors that will not turn on the cleaning system until the animal has left the danger zone.

This is an important feature for energy saving and pet safety. The system detects the presence of waste, their type, and includes the appropriate cleaning mechanism. The contents are dumped into a sealed bag, the pallet is additionally cleaned with a scraper and checked for remaining fragments. The waste is weighed, and when the bag is full, it is sealed, and a message is sent to the owner's smartphone asking them to throw out the trash.

After satisfying the need, Inubox will thank the dog through the speakers in a master's voice for the fact that the "good boy" did everything right. It also activates the air freshener. The smartphone app allows you to remotely check and configure the system status. The cost of Inubox is $ 840 at the stage of fundraising and $ 1200 later, when selling at retail.