The Pentagon is testing exoskeletons to create super soldiers

For years, the US Army has been investing millions of dollars in exoskeleton technology to create "super soldiers." The executor of such an ambitious order is the defense corporation Lockheed Martin.

The principle of operation of the exoskeleton is that additional reinforcing structures with power supplies, a set of sensors and artificial intelligence, attached to the human body, greatly increase its physical capabilities.

The reason for the military's interest is also understandable. Soldiers of the 21st century, who are in a combat zone, have to carry on themselves, in addition to their own weight, from 40 to 64 kg of equipment. These are weapons, ammunition, body armor, night vision devices, communications equipment. This load is twice or three times the recommended weight limit - 23 kg. As a result, the soldiers get tired before entering the battle.

The Lockheed Martin exoskeleton was named ONYX. The project cost, calculated for 2 years, is estimated at 6, 9 million dollars. The prototype created by the company has already shown encouraging results during testing. Each exoskeleton is expected to cost several tens of thousands of dollars.